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Morning Yoga Sequence

By Ashli Campagna

TUE MAR 17, 2020


Hi there, Yogis! Well, we are living in the time of the Corona Virus. I hope if this is reaching you that you are well and staying home as often as you can. In times like these it is wonderful to see the helpers in action. I am sending all my love and healing energy out into the world and want to express tremendous gratitude to the doctors and nurses who are fighting this war as I type. To grocery and pharmacy employees, stocking shelves. Thank you. To those delivering much needed goods and mail to those who want to isolate. Thank you. To businesses that are working to bring you virtual content and the businesses that are committing to paying their employees when they can no longer come into work. Thank you. To all of us coming together to fight a common enemy, we can do this. This too shall pass and we will get through it. In the meantime find things that help you feel content and happy. Move your body, meditate, take naps, read, FaceTime, binge movies, get into comfy clothes or get dressed up. Shave your legs, put on makeup, or commit to not doing any of that for the entire time you're in isolation! Wear a cute pair of underwear, put on perfume, smudge your house with sage, snuggle with your loved ones, make friendship bracelets, reorganize, clean, start a home improvement project or refurbish a piece of furniture. What is going to keep your mind sharp and feed your soul?

I will be doing my part to help you move during this time as well. Above is a video I shot last summer. It's a gentle flow you can do as soon as you wake up in the morning. If I do some yoga first thing in the morning, my day is completely different. It's more positive, more productive and less stressful. Keep an eye on my blog page for more videos. All classes are donation based classes so if you like it, consider clicking the donate button below. Be well, yogis. Namaste

"May peace and peace and peace, be everywhere."

~Thich Nhat Hanh

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